Everybody needs a little help sometimes. That’s what makes you human. No matter what you’re going through in life, RENNI is a space where you can bring whatever is in you.

Our goal is not to simply “get you through it,” but to support you in creating a meaningful change that will improve your quality of life, help you have healthy relationships and create strong emotional connections.


Are you quick to feel hot and react in ways that you wish you could stop?
Example: screaming, yelling, hitting, throwing things / acting recklessly or impulsively?
Is your child fearful, isolated from you or your family unit, closed off, or having difficulty expressing themselves and their feelings?
Does your child have difficulty sitting/staying still, struggle with following instructions?
Is your child combative at home and/or at school?
Does your child have physical and/or emotional outbursts?
Complex and developmental trauma
Have you experienced an event that has left you feeling unsafe, fearful, shut down, alone or overwhelmed?
Have your early childhood experiences come to impact how you think/feel/behave in your present life?
Have you experienced acute or chronic traumatic events that affect how you think/feel/behave in your present life?
Do you find yourself worrying and/or obsessing about your relationship?
Do you feel you are unheard, misunderstood, unseen in your relationship?
Do you find your relationship is in constant conflict?
Do you feel alone in your relationship?
Are you constantly fearful about the loss of your relationship?
Early Childhood & Childhood
Is your child suffering from tantrums, emotional or physical outbursts, sleep issues, or difficulty separating from you?
Is your child having difficulty creating connections with you and/or others?
Does your child appear shut down, disinterested, or not taking delight in things?
Is there a person in your family suffering from addiction and/or compulsive behaviour that is impacting the family unity?
Do you struggle to find joy in being together as a family?
Do you struggle with communication?
Grief and bereavement
Have you suffered a loss and/or death and are struggling with processing and/or coping with impact of loss?
Infant loss
Have you suffered infant and/or child loss?
Mood & anxiety
Are you having difficulty making decisions or are you feeling overwhelmed?
Do you feel sad, hopeless and/or helpless?
Do you feel detached, like you’re watching yourself in your own life?
Are you feeling empty, emotionally detached, and/or unable to engage and take pleasure in your life?
Perinatal loss
Have you conceived of a baby in your mind that you haven’t had a chance to hold in your arms?
Perinatal post-partum
Have you arrived at parenthood and feel alone, shut down, overwhelmed, shame?
Are you scared of your thoughts or want to run away?
Have you arrived at parenthood and it’s not what you expected?
Post-partum Anxiety
Are you a new parent and have difficulty making decisions?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by or worried about daily or routine tasks?
Post-Partum Depression
Are you a new parent and feel hopeless or struggling with loss of identity?
Are you finding it difficult to feel delight in motherhood and/or in your baby?
Post-partum OCD
Are you a new parent and have scary thoughts about your baby and/or yourself?
Pregnancy loss
Have you suffered pregnancy loss?
Do you struggle with trust in relationships?
Do have a hard time connecting or a fear rejection or abandonment?
Do you feel a constant need to be in deep connection to others?
Do you find yourself quick to react with anger, tears, shutting down?
Do you have difficulty being in group settings or feel you need to perform when in social settings?
Reproductive mental health
Have you struggled with fertility or conceiving a baby?
Have you conceived a baby in your mind that you haven’t gotten to hold in your arms?
Are you looking to further your self understanding, further your self-reflection and make changes in your life?
Are there changes in your life that you are considering in order to improve your quality of living?
Are you at a life transition (new job, new stage in life) or have you experienced a major change in identity that you would like to talk about?