Renni, an integrative space for well-being

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to see you and hear you because that is the first step toward genuine healing.

Your well-being is important to us. In staying attuned to your needs, we hold space for you with compassion and expertise so that you can feel comfortable to share whatever comes up.

We are rooted in creating a safe space; one free of judgment and open to everything you share.

We care deeply for our patients and believe that the relationship we form through therapy is real and has the capacity to help you form healthy attachment and deep emotional connections with the people in your life.

Our Approach


We help you to feel safe throughout our work together. We focus on helping you to use your existing coping skills and on developing new coping skills that will help you throughout the therapy process to feel grounded and centered.


Connected and trusting in the therapeutic relationship, we work slowly to process emotional experiences and memories, always ensuring that you feel safe.


The ultimate goal is to guide you toward healthier relationships, openness and connection to yourself and the world around you, and to a more meaningful and joyful life.

Renni, an integrative space for well-being
Renni, an integrative space for well-being

Our Ethos

Your past informs who you are but does not need to define you.

Everyone wants to feel safe but not all of us know what that looks like or how to get there. Our highly specialized clinicians work collaboratively in an Integrative and multi-disciplinary model that reflects where you are at and where you want to go.

With a wholistic approach, we help you unpack the complexities of your life so that you can feel seen and heard. That is the first step toward meaningful change.

Our Values

Renni, an integrative space for well-being

Everything from our location and the way our discrete space is designed to our collaborative and integrative approach, is intended to instil a sense of safety. With safety comes trust, and with trust comes the capacity to move toward deeper, more secure relationships.

Renni, an integrative space for well-being

Our expertise and specialized trainings provide a bedrock of trust for our therapeutic relationship. With professionalism at the core, we create space for safe connections.

Renni, an integrative space for well-being

Our moral code is built upon mutual respect and self-respect. In strengthening your sense of self-care, you can find your inner you, celebrate who you are, and create safe attachments to yourself, others, and your community.


/ ren-ee /

RENNI: the inverse of inner


  1. Reflection of the inner self; To see yourself because you are seen, to hear yourself because you are heard, to be found because there you are.
  2. Something that was private which is now revealed to the self; that which was concealed but is now acknowledged as part of the self.

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